Cancellation/Reschedule/Refund Policy

Email submission only for the below policy

Save A Heart CPR understands that situations arise and will sometimes put you in a position to cancel, reschedule or request a refund with us. If you need to cancel, reschedule or would like a refund for your class please contact us through our “Form Submission” under the CONTACT US located on the home page. You may also send an email directly to and leave us a message.

Please read the correct policy below so you’re aware of the rules and what will take place when you contact us by email. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, Save A Heart CPR has reserved the seat for you as promised by your completed payment and has fulfilled our obligation by being prepared to conduct the course with your reserved seat. 

“Hybrid MAB with in person Skill Session Policy”
  1. The MAB PowerPoint you purchased from us for the amount $60.00 is Non-refundable, the remaining amount of $5.00 is a card fee and may be refunded if you cancel your registration with us. 
  2. You must reply to us from the email that has the clickable link with the PDF MAB PowerPoint or you WILL NOT be allowed to enter the Skill Session you registered for with us.
  3. A PowerPoint must be purchased each time you take the class with us, you may not reuse a previous purchased MAB PowerPoint or borrow another persons PowerPoint (ONE PER PERSON MUST BE PURCHASED).
  4. You are paying $60 for the PowerPoint and $5 for the card fee.
  5. A Skill Session must be attended in order to receive a completion card.
  6. If you miss or try to reschedule your original scheduled Skill Session after submitting payment we will allow you a ONE TIME reschedule within 60 days from your original scheduled date for a fee of $30.00, you will not need to repurchase the PowerPoint information.
  7. You must contact the business and inform us of the new date you would like to attend so we can direct you on how we will proceed.
  8. If you are unable to pass the 15 question multiple choice test within 2 attempts we will allow you a one time reschedule for $30.00, you will not need to purchase the PowerPoint again.
  9. If you arrive more than 20 minutes late you will not be allowed to enter the course and must reschedule the Skill Session for a fee of $30.00.
  10. If you need a replacement card for any reason a fee of $10 will be charged, we do not keep a copy on file and you must come to the office to pick it up after we have created it for you. *An invoice for the $10 will be sent to you through email before we will make the new card for you.
“Complete at Home MAB Self Paced Course”
  1. This class is self paced and a Certificate of Completion will not be issued to until you have sent back all the required paperwork via email in a PDF format, pictures of the paperwork will not be accepted and will be rejected by the Instructor if you send pictures back to us. This will delay getting you the certificate till we get the appropriate completed paperwork from you.
  2. The paperwork will be emailed to you within the time frame you paid for during the registration process, please understand you have 3 options to choose from with how fast you want the paperwork sent to you to start the course…..Option 1 is within a 24 hour time period for $75, Option 2 is within a 12 hour time period for $80, Option 3 is within an 8 hour time period for $85. This does not mean you will receive your paperwork and a Certificate of Completion within the time frame you selected.
  3. After you have completed the paperwork and sent is back to us as a PDF attachment we will forward it to the Instructor for review, if everything has been completed correctly and you passed the 15 question multiple choice test, you will receive the Certificate of Completion from us through email within 24 hours. Please understand this takes time and the Instructor works as fast as possible during normal work hours to get you the certificate.
  4. If you require a rush on the certificate of completion it will cost a fee of $20.00 to do so, you must contact the business via email and request this service. We will then send you an invoice through email to submit the payment to put a rush on your certificate.
  5. This class offers no refund or credit for the purchased information after it has been sent to you via email, if the information you purchased has not been emailed to you we will offer a partial refund. *If the information has been emailed we offer no refunds or credit
  6. A fee of $25 will be deducted from the amount you paid and processed back to the original form of payment, please allow a few days for the funds to post back to your account. You must email for the requested refund minus the fees, NO PHONE CALLS will be allowed.
  7. We do not keep a copy of your Certificate of Completion, if you lose it or request a duplicate copy we will charge a fee of $20.00 to create another one for you.
“American Heart Association (AHA) Course Policy for ACLS, BLS and PALS classes”

Please contact Save A Heart CPR by email 48 hours before the scheduled start time of your class. We will issue a refund of any funds paid and deduct a $10.00 reschedule/cancellation fee if it’s more than the 48 hours before the start date and time of the class. All requests must be through EMAIL ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS. The time stamp of your email will be the official time used for the 48 hour policy……NO REFUNDS WITHIN 48 HOURS BEFORE A CLASS.

No refund or credit will be issued for “No Shows” or for cancellation/reschedules requested inside the 48 hours before an American Heart Association course. The time stamp of your email will be the official time of record that will be used. If you submit payment within 48 hours or less before a class you will not be given the option of a refund, reschedule, credit or cancellation.

*** HeartCode Access Key Part 1 Policy for ACLS, BLS, PALS and Heartsaver Options***

If you request a refund for a HeartCode On-line Access key Part 1 BEFORE it has been emailed to you a $10 cancellation fee will apply. If it has been emailed to you we will be unable to issue a refund because their is no way for the business to verify if the HeartCode key has been activated and will be eligible for a new sale.

“American Heart Association (AHA) Book Policy”

If you purchase a book through our web page and it has not been issued to you yet, Save A Heart CPR will be more than happy to refund you the amount you paid for the book, or you may arrange to come by our office and pick it up. No opened books may be returned or refunded for any reason. Books may not be issued during the course and then returned for a refund, this includes if it has been unopened. Books may not be shared during the course, this is against American Heart Association rules and guidelines. A current edition is required per the American Heart Association guidelines and is not a Save A Heart CPR rule we made up.

“Right to cancel, reschedule or move a course location for all classes”

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a course before the scheduled start time if we do not have enough paid participants. If we are forced to cancel or reschedule a course we will notify participants by phone and or email. Save A Heart CPR will give a full refund to all paid participants if the course is cancelled.

“Registering for the wrong class”

If you register for a course and it ends up being the wrong class for which you need, Save A Heart CPR is not responsible for the error. The policy listed on this page will be what we follow as far as any reschedule, refund or cancellation.

“Tardiness/Lateness policy”

Individuals who arrive more than 20 minutes late for a standard course will not be allowed to enter the class, no refund or reschedule will apply and this will fall under the “NO SHOW” policy.

***If attending a “Private Course” the instructor will wait up to 30 minutes before they will be allowed to leave. If you show after the 30 minute start time you will not be allowed a reschedule or refund, this will fall under the “NO SHOW” policy. 


Absolutely no children will be allowed in the classroom during our classes, if you show up with a child you will not be allowed to enter the class. This is extremely disruptive to the other participants and the instructor. You will be unable to receive a refund, reschedule or credit for the class.

Save A Heart CPR would like to thank you for understanding our policies we have set forth for our clients and students and look forward to seeing you in class.

Please don’t get upset if you email us and say it’s an “EMERGENCY” and that we should change our policy for things like that. Please understand that we hear it’s an “EMERGENCY” from almost every person who contacts us. We hear… “It wasn’t or isn’t my fault, so you should refund or reschedule me for the class at no charge”. Please understand it wasn’t our fault either and we reserved the seat for you as promised with your completed payment. We must still pay our Independent Contractor for the seat you paid for and reserved with us, we thank you in advance for your understanding of our policy.