Cancellation/Reschedule/Refund and Mailing Policy

We at Save A Heart CPR understand that situations arise and will sometimes put you in a position to cancel your scheduled class day and time with us. If you you need to cancel or reschedule your class please contact us through our form submission under CONTACT US located on our home page. You may also contact us by calling (909) 227-9192.


Please contact Save A Heart CPR via email or telephone 48 hours before the scheduled start time of your class. We will issue a refund of any funds paid MINUS a $10.00 reschedule or cancellation fee.

No refund or credit will be given for “No Shows” or for cancellation/reschedules inside the 48 hours before a course. The “TIME STAMP” of your email and or voice message left with us will be the official time of record that will be used. If you submit payment within 48 hours of a scheduled course you will not be given the option of a refund, reschedule, credit or cancellation.

Type of payments accepted

Please be advised we only accept credit/debit card, PayPal or cash for services. If you use any form of payment besides cash a service fee will apply. Sorry but we do not accept checks for services rendered.

Save A Heart CPR’s right to cancel or move a course location

We reserve the right to cancel a course 48 hours before the scheduled start time of the course if we DO NOT have enough PAID participants. We will do our best NOT to cancel any courses we have scheduled. In order to help insure the course will not be cancelled please submit your full payment more than 48 hours before a course date and start time. If we are forced to cancel a course we will notify participants by phone and or email. Save A Heart CPR will give a full refund to all paid participants if the course unfortunately is cancelled. In some cases for courses scheduled at Casa Colina Rehab we may move the course to our office location in Rancho Cucamonga instead of cancelling it. We will contact you via email to inform you of the change of location.

***Effective May 31st 2016 for ACLS***

Participants who will be attending an ACLS course should complete the pretest located on the AHA website at and enter the code from the 2015 ACLS provider book located on page ii and pass with a score of 70% or better. The test may be repeated as many times as needed to achieve the passing score. Taking the pretest will be extremely helpful in being successful in passing the course. 

Please note that if you arrive to class without the required current ACLS card at a renewal course you may enter but will be charged the provider course price, the difference of price will be due before the start of the class.

No refunds, partial refunds, reschedule, credit or cancellations will be allowed inside the 48 hours or on the day of a class for “NO SHOWS”. If participants are unsuccessful passing a course no refund or credit will apply.

Please read the below course policy by clicking on the link below

Unit Secretary Course Policy

Course policy for the Dysrhythmia Interp

Those who registered from the AHA Class Connector

Save A Heart CPR receives email confirmation from the AHA Class Connector and then re-registers the participant in our system. This will now email you with a link allowing you to submit payment for the course. The participant must read the “Cancellation Policy” before they submit their payment. By submitting the payment they are agreeing that they read the “Cancellation Policy” and agree to all the terms listed. These particular registrants will show under the “Job Title” as ENTERED BY ADMINISTRATION.

Skill Test Outs

Those who decide to join a “Skills Test Out” for an AHA course must have a current non expired AHA card with them on the day of the class. Participants WILL NOT have an opportunity for review with the Instructor before they attempt the session, you  are required to know the material BEFORE coming to the course. This style of course is for experienced individuals and no refund, reschedule or credit will be allowed if they are unsuccessful in passing on the first attempt, no remediation or 2nd try will be allowed. If students are unsuccessful they must attend an actual course and submit full payment.

Registering for the wrong course

If you register for a course and it ends up being the wrong course for which you need, Save A Heart CPR is not responsible for the error. No refund, reschedule or credit will be given to the student If they show up to a course and find out they registered for the wrong course. If the student attends any portion of a course there will be no refund, reschedule, credit or partial refund allowed.

Tardiness policy

***If you are attending a “Private Course” the instructor will wait up to 30 minutes for you before they will be allowed to leave. If you show AFTER the 30 minute start time you will not be allowed a reschedule or refund, this will fall under the “NO SHOW” policy. 

Individuals who arrive more than 25 minutes late for a standard course will not be allowed to enter the class, this is very disruptive to the class. If you are more than 25 minutes late we will allow a 1 time 50% credit of the amount paid for the course (Excludes Service Fee) to be applied towards another course. Credit must be used within 30 days or it will be forfeited to Save A Heart CPR. The credit is good for the original course participant only.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, Save A Heart CPR has reserved the seat for you as promised by your completed payment and has fulfilled our obligation by being prepared to conduct the course.

*** On-Line Key Codes Part 1***


Please note that if you purchased the Skill Session at the same time of your On-Line key you must still register for the skill session you would like to attend with us. After your registered for it the “Cancellation Policy” will now be in force and all the same rules will apply for the skill session. If a refund is requested for a purchased key code BEFORE it has been emailed to you a $10 fee will apply.

Book Policy

If you purchase a book through our web page and it has not been issued to you yet, Save A Heart CPR will be more than happy to refund you the amount you paid for the book, or you may arrange to come by our office and pick it up. No opened books may be returned or refunded for any reason. Books may not be issued during the course and then returned for a refund, this includes if it has been unopened. Books may also not be shared during the course, this is against American Heart Association rules and guidelines. Each student must have their own current book, this is per AHA rules in order to attend an AHA course and is not a Save A Heart CPR rule. *** THE BOOK IS REQUIRED IN A COURSE OR YOU MAY NOT ENTER.

BEFORE Submitting payment for a course

The Cancellation Policy must be read before submitting your payment. By a participants payment being received they have agreed to all the policies set forth by Save A Heart CPR. 

***Please be advised that a participant when registering for any course we offer must check the box stating they read the policy before they will be able to submit payment. When  you check this box to continue you have agreed to our entire Cancellation Policy. Save A Heart CPR will not deviate from this policy.

Managing Assaultive Behavior Course

  1. You must read the material we send you via email before coming in for the skill session. The instructor is not required to cover the material with you, you are required to read it before coming in and NOT AT THE CLASS ON THE DAY OF YOUR SKILL SESSION.
  2. You will be given a total of 2 attempts to pass the multiple choice test with a score of 80% in order to receive your MAB card from us. 
  3. If you need a replacement Managing Assaultive Behavior Completion Card for any reason a fee of $10 will be charged. A new one will be mailed to you after the appropriate fee has been paid.
  4. If you would like to make arrangements to pick it up in person please contact us to set up an appointment time and date.
  5. Payment must be submitted before an appointment may be made to pick up your replacement card.
  6. An invoice will be sent to your email address allowing you to submit your payment.

AHA card replacement

If you need an AHA card replaced for any reason a fee of $20 will be charged for a new one to be printed for you. Your AHA card will be mailed to you ASAP after all fees have been paid. Save A Heart CPR is not responsible for lost items sent standard US Mail. If you prefer we will send it to you Certified Mail for an additional $5 fee.

Continuing Education Units (CE’s)

CE’s/Contact Hours will be offered to participants for a fee of $5. The required CE Roster must be filled out on the day of the course to receive the credit. The individual must also have their license number if applicable on the day of the course in order for us to issue them. This is required due to how the system prompts the instructor while entering the students information. CE’s may not be issued after the course takes place.

After payment is received

After a participants payment has been received they are agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions listed on the appropriate “Cancellation Policy” for the course. Please be advised that the Unit Secretary and the Dysrhythmia course have a different policy. Please find the appropriate link above. 

Save A Heart CPR would like to thank you for understanding our policies we have set forth for our clients and students.