Managing/Management of Assaultive Behavior “MAB, AB508”

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Assaultive Behavior Training

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 “Assaultive Behavior Training” Known as AB508, Managing Assaultive Behavior, Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB), Assaultive Behavior Management (ABM), Assaultive Behavior Training (ABT)

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This type of training is REQUIRED BY LAW annually per Health and Safety Code Section Title 22, 1257.7, 1257.8, AB508 and SB1299 for “ALL EMPLOYEES REGULARLY ASSIGNED TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM OR PSYCHIATRIC DEPARTMENT”. This means in order for hospitals to stay in compliance with Joint Commission” the employees assigned to these departments MUST attend this training in order to be employed. Hospitals will “SUSPEND” employees who are not current with the training. Hospitals also REQUIRE individuals from other departments to attend the training, this is hospital specific and not “required” by law. Nursing Students are also required to have this training in order to complete clinicals in these departments.

This course or/class will consist of “Lecture and Hands on Physical Techniques” and cover all required areas of training to receive your certificate of completion to become compliant with your employer or Nursing School. You may also receive Continuing Education contact hours for this course from the Board of Registered Nurses (BRN). 

These required areas will be covered in the Assaultive Behavior Training Course

  • General Safety Measures
  • Personal Safety Measures
  • Assault Cycle
  • Aggression and Violence Prediction
  • Obtaining Patient History from a patient with a violent behavior
  • Character of Aggressive and Violent Patients and Victims
  • Verbal Maneuvers to Diffuse and Avoid Violent Behavior
  • Physical Maneuvers to Diffuse and Avoid Violent Behavior
  • Strategies to Avoid Physical Harm
  • Restraining Techniques
  • Appropriate Use of Medications as Chemical Restraints
  • Employee Resources

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AB508 and SB1299 requirements

We offer this course as a Hybrid where we email you the PowerPoint after you register and submit payment. You then read it at home and come to our office on the date and time you registered for, then take the multiple choice test and review the hands-on portion with the instructor.

After you have completed this you will then be issued your completion card. We will email you the information to read at home at your own pace after you have purchased the Hybrid Session.

*** You will pay 1 price that will include the material and skill session.

PLEASE NOTE: A private skill session may be booked with us for an additional fee, extra fee may apply if you request a Sunday or after 6pm Monday through Saturday.

****You may book a course/class with us at your location or a PRIVATE course at our location. Please contact us for further information.

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