On-Line Water Safety Course

Water Safety Course

Your children love you, take care of them!

Your children love you, take care of them!

This is a self paced course that allows you to complete it at your convenience. After you have purchased the course we will email you the PowerPoint so you may begin reviewing it. After completion you will need to complete a 20 Question multiple choice test and return it to us for grading. You will then be emailed your Certificate of Completion within 72 hours of us receiving the test, in most cases you will receive it within 36 hours.

We HIGHLY suggest sending it to us as a scanned copy through email so we receive it right away.

All directions are in the PowerPoint for you.

This course is for the following individuals

  1. Individuals trying to become Foster Parents
  2. Individuals trying to become adoptive parents
  3. Child care providers or Babysitters who will be caring for foster children or adopted children
  4. Concerned or young parents with pools and or spa
  5. Family or friends who don’t have small children at their home but have a pool with the potential for children coming over to visit.

The course will include information on the following

  1. Pool safety/hazards near or around a body of water
  2. Door and gate safety
  3. Pool chemical precautions
  4. Emergency service facts
  5. Bathtub safety precautions
  6. And more!

The fee for the course is per Certificate of Completion and must have a completed test with the persons first and last name on it. Each test must be returned to Save A Heart CPR before a Certificate of Completion will be issued to you.

The PowerPoint will be emailed to you within 72 hours of received payment.

*Please read our entire policy before paying for the course, by paying for the course you agree to ALL of our policy listed under “Cancellation Policy”.

Direct Link: https://saveaheartcpr.com/cancellation-and-reschedule-policy/

*PLEASE NOTE….This is NOT an American Heart Association Course, NOR is it approved or endorsed by the AHA. The American Heart DOES NOT receive any profit and or fees for this course offering from Save A Heart CPR.