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Complete at Home Managing Assaultive Behavior


Would you like to complete the Managing Assaultive Behavior class also known as MAB, AB508, Assaultive Behavior Training (ABT), Violence Prevention and a few others? Well, we have decided to allow this new style of class for those of you who can print a few papers, fill them out and then send back to us as a scanned PDF copy when completed with the information. It's that simple, please read below on how this course will work for you after we receive your registration with completed payment.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions and staff shortages many employers are now allowing staff to complete this course at home, this is allowing for less person to person contact and keeping our Healthcare Providers safe. After your registration we will email the information you need in order to complete the course, yes it's that easy! After you receive the email with all the information attached you will print the following to complete the course and then send it back to us as a scanned PDF for grading and accuracy of the paperwork.

  1. Print the class roster and fill it out.
  2. Read the Managing Assaultive Behavior PowerPoint information that is about 60 color slides. (DO NOT PRINT THIS)
  3. Print the Skill Sheet and fill in the required fields and complete the 15 question multiple choice test.
  4. Print the Evaluation of the course and fill it out.
  5. Scan the papers and send back to us as a PDF file to (DO NOT SEND BACK PICTURES)
  6. After we receive the information we review it for accuracy grade your test, upon successful completion we will email the MAB Certificate of Completion within 24 hours.
  7. The Certificate of Completion will be sent to you as quickly as possible (24 hours or less) and will be dated with what you put on the paperwork, If you post date the information and send it back to us we will not send the Certificate till the date you put on the paperwork. You may not use a date previous to your paid registration of the course.

This is a Non-Refundable course and no refunds will be honored

Price: $75.00

Start Date: May 7, 2022
End Date: December 31, 2025

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Complete at Home MAB Course

This class will be completed at home at your own pace, you will read the MAB PowerPoint information and print the appropriate paperwork and fill it out before sending it back to us as a scanned PDF. Upon successful completion we will send the Certificate of Completion within 24 hours.